McBess x Mediatemple Design Contest, Judged by The Fox Is Black

This is my entry for the competition. The idea is to design a t-shirt for Mediatemple's 140 Team using assets drawn by McBess.

The 140 Team is Mediatemple's support team. I imagine that doing hosting/computer support would be similar to whacking yourself in the head with an axe, and being happy about it. Thus, my design. :)

If you like it (and are signed up on Flickr), please click the image and "Favorite" it on Flickr. I could definitely use the swag that's up for grabs. If you want to enter yourself, go HERE.


Venture Brothers Goodness!

TimTom Dr. Girlfriend Kevin
I was in a Venture Brothers mood tonight and felt like doing some drawing just for fun. Here's TimTom, Dr. Girlfriend and Kevin for your viewing pleasure!

All pieces are available at The Manly Art Shop.

4"x6" Ink on Watercolor Paper


Clarence Shrugg: YouJoint.com Cub Reporter

I've been working with a soon-to-be-launched automotive enthusiast forum called YouJoint. The concept behind YouJoint is that the forum members write the articles.

YouJoint decided they wanted a mascot. I recommended we go with something that had a Rat Fink feel to it. I came up with Clarence, the deranged doppleganger of Oscar Madison, cub reporter for YouJoint.com. As disturbung as this may seem, I'm very happy with how he came out. Oh, I do have one warning: Ladies, if Clarence asks for "an exclusive", stay on your toes. And don't drink anything he gives you. Just sayin'.

If you love cars and have a knack for writing, visit YouJoint, they are currently looking for writers. You might get to work with Clarence.


Godzilla Commission

Godzilla Commission, originally uploaded by Manly Art.
This is a commission painting I did this week. It's for a friends son's 16th birthday. The guy LOVES Godzilla. He also wanted something that (if possible) would glow in the dark and/or look good under a black light. The moon, eye and flame glow in the dark and the lettering (Japanese for Godzilla) is in florescent paint so mission accomplished! This was my first time doing Godzilla art and I'm happy how it turned out.

Speaking of commissions... I am currently taking commissions for drawings and paintings. Prices for drawings start at $30, small paintings start at $120 and large paintings (like Godzilla) start at $450. Drop me a line at jasonp(at)manlyart.com if you're interested!

Godzilla- Acrylic on illustration board. 15"x20" (matted area 12.5"x17.5")


Spectrum 18

Spectrum 18, originally uploaded by Manly Art.
I got my official acceptance letter today. I am very honored and humbled to announce that my print, Forbidden Love, was accepted into Spectrum 18! For those who aren't familiar with the publication, Spectrum's mission is "To promote the fantastic arts and provide an annual showcase for contemporary artists."

I'm praying that they don't realize they made a mistake putting me in this book full of awesome artists until after it's been printed. :)

If you are so inclined, you can purchase a print HERE.


Dallas Observer Cover

Dallas Observer Cover
Dallas Observer Cover, originally uploaded by Manly Art.
I got my first Dallas Observer cover art assignment this past week. The basis of the concept is that three of the mayoral candidates for Dallas are pretty much interchangeable. The art director came up with the idea to make a paper doll where the accessories are the only difference between the candidates.

You can read the article HERE.

Note: Updated to the final cover art.


From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.
Continuing my series of retro versions of the posters for the original Sean Connery Bond movies. I'm really enjoying the loose illustration style for these. It's a fun style to add to my bag of tricks. As always, comments are welcome.