C-3P-Ho: SDCC Promo

The second toy release from the cult droidsploitation film “Pimp2-D2′s Big Score” is here!
C-3P-Ho (See-Threepeeho) is a pleasure droid manufactured by Cybot Galactica. She is Pimp2-D2′s go-to droid. Fluent in 6 million forms of stimulation, she’s always the life of the party. C-3P-Ho might be Pimp2′s favorite, but he’s not the jealous type. He’s always willing to share… for a price!
Standing 3.75 inches, featuring a translucent cape and 5 points of articulation, C-3P-Ho’s bound to bring you hours of pleasure!
Brought to you by Manly Art and coming to a galaxy near you at SDCC 2014 via DKE Toys Booth 5045!
SDCC DKE Toys C-3P-Ho Promo