McBess x Mediatemple Design Contest, Judged by The Fox Is Black

This is my entry for the competition. The idea is to design a t-shirt for Mediatemple's 140 Team using assets drawn by McBess.

The 140 Team is Mediatemple's support team. I imagine that doing hosting/computer support would be similar to whacking yourself in the head with an axe, and being happy about it. Thus, my design. :)

If you like it (and are signed up on Flickr), please click the image and "Favorite" it on Flickr. I could definitely use the swag that's up for grabs. If you want to enter yourself, go HERE.


(mt) Sara said...

Hey, that looks great! Just to clarify, the contest isn't to design a 140 Team shirt graphic specifically. That was the inspiration for the contest, as McBess has already done this for us. The design can be anything you want!

Jason Chalker said...

@(mt)Sara- Thanks for the heads-up! I'll probably do a second one then.