Porn-O's!, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

Yummy anytime cereal brought to you by the fine folks in the porn industry! Get down with Sin-D Bare and swallow some yogurt-crusted goodness! Porn-O's... now with stars.

Drawing for the Austin Sketch Squad. Topic: Cereal.



Halloween 2007

A little montage from Halloween festivities in Chicago. That's me as Lego Luke Skywalker (glowing with the power of the Lego Force), Melita 'Miss Monster' Curphy in the insane werewolf costume and our friend Kate as a rocker girl. I have no idea who the guy is in the evil dead biker outfit, but it was awesome and I had to include it.



Frankenmunny Frankenmunny
So, here's my Frankenmunny for the Austin Sketch Squad Lowbrow Monster Mash art show opening this Saturday at the Lowbrow Emporium in beautiful Austin, TX. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make it to the opening, but you should. There will be free Lone Star beer and a live art event. Go check it out!


Jason who?

OK, sorry for the extreme lack of posts. I'm starting to get settled in here in Chicago. Life's good. I'm in my new place. I won't have furniture for a couple of weeks, but that's OK. Unfortunately, I probably won't have internet for a few weeks also. Therefore my posts will probably be sporadic at best. I'll post when I can, though. Hope all is well out in internet land!