Droids!, a photo by Manly Art on Flickr.
I revamped my Artoo and Threepio mascots a bit. These little guys are available on t-shirts and more at my Society6 store and from now until September 22 you can get free shipping worldwide!
Just use this link... society6.com/ManlyArt?promo=ae1ec1


Mars Attacks: Invasion Sketch Cards

I set up a gallery with a good chunk of the 200+ sketch cards I did for the Topps Mars Attacks: Invasion trading cards coming out in October. It's a Facebook gallery, but you don't have to have an account to view it. If you are on Facebook, please like my page while you're there!



Mickey Martian!

Mickey Martian!
Mickey Martian!, a photo by Manly Art on Flickr.
This little invader will conquer your heart with his adorable thirst for power and other planets!

Available on a number of products here: society6.com/ManlyArt


Alternative Movie Posters

Alternative Movie Posters
Alternative Movie Posters, a photo by Manly Art on Flickr.
Matthew Chojnacki has a great new book coming out in October covering the underground movie poster movement. I'm very pleased to say that Matthew is including three of my poster designs in the book!

The book can be pre-ordered from www.amazon.com/Alternative-Movie-Posters-Film-Underground....
You can also visit the Facebook page here: www.facebook.com/altfilmart.

Awesome cover art by Steve Dressler