Hula Dancers...

Here's some video I shot of the hula dancers from the Tiki art opening in Chicago. They're awesome! Enjoy!



Aloha!, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

Well, the Tiki art opening was a blast! Great art, Polynesian dancers and rum drinks. Good times. The art was amazing. I felt a little out of my league. It's good motivation to keep pushing myself and become a better artist, though.

Click here to see more photos.

Chicago, Part 1...

Moleskine 001 Moleskine 002
Chicago was a blast. The opening went well. I'll be posting photos tonight. In the meantime, here are a few pages from a new sketchbook I started on my trip. I'm trying to get better about drawing anytime I'm hanging out or waiting. All drawings are Bic Velocity on Moleskine. Click for larger versions.


It's bug week on the Manly Art Channel...

Locust 1 Locust 2
They have these really cool 7 year locusts in Chicago. They've even got the Bears colors. The locusts we have in Texas come out every two years (I think) and are green and a lot more skittish. This little guy was happy as a clam to climb up on my finger and pose for a couple of photos. Click on the images to see larger versions.


Spocks on a Plane

Airport Bad Spock, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

Drew this in the Austin airport waiting for my plane to Chicago. Drawing with a track pad is only slightly easier than drawing with a broken etch-a-sketch.

As I am now an official contributer on the Bad Spock Drawings Blog you will be seeing many more of these. Sorry. ;)

Not so itsy bitsy spider...

Spider 02
Spider 01, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

Found this sucker in my apartment tonight. His body's about an inch long. I have to admit, I don't really enjoy finding spiders this large in my apartment. I'm just glad I didn't wake up with it biting me or something.

I looked around on the internet and didn't find anything definitive as to what type of spider it is. It kind of looks like a hobo spider, but it didn't look exactly like the photos I saw, so I'm not sure. I set the little guy free outside.


Austin Books and Comics

Austin Books & Comics: Splash Austin Books & Comics: Appearance Austin Books & Comics: Knowledge Austin Books & Comics: Stock Austin Books & Comics: Community

These are a series of illustrations for Austin Books & Comics using their mascot, Austin Books Man, to show different aspect of their store in the format of an old illustrated travel book. Click the images to see larger versions.


TIki Madness!

If any of you folks out there are in the Chicago area this weekend, I'll have a piece in DVA Gallery's third annual tiki show. The opening party is this Saturday, June 23rd from 4pm-11pm. It should be a good time. There have been rumors of Polynesian dancers, tiki beverages and Polynesian food. I'll be there for the party. Come check it out and say hi!


Bad Spock #1

Bad Spock #1, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

This is my first "Bad Spock" drawing. I put a Sharpie between my toes and this is what I ended up with. The marvelous coloring was done in Photoshop. It is quite possibly the worst drawing I've made since I was three.

Ironically, as a result, I was asked to become an official contributer to the Bad Spock Drawings blog. Woohoo! I think.

Go check out the blog. It's a lot of fun.

Bad Spock In Progress Photo


Tiki Honeymoon

Tiki Honeymoon
Tiki Honeymoon
, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

Don't you hate it when you're on your honeymoon in a tropical paradise and BAM!...the next thing you know, you're having to try and figure out a way to save your blushing bride from being sacrificed at the hands of blood-thirsty natives? To add insult to injury, all you have to work with is a pocket knife, some spare change and your hotel card key. It was the best honeymoon ex-Navy Seal Chip Carson could have asked for. It was a TIKI HONEYMOON!

I finally finished my painting for DVA Gallery's Tiki Art Show! The opening party is June 23 at DVA Gallery in Chicago. Maybe I'll see you there!


Mr. Incredible

Mr. Incredible, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

My drawing for The Austin Sketch Squad this week. The theme was "Heroes".

A hero with a gut is a hero I can identify with!

A Rather Reubenesque Wonder Woman...

This is a drawing I submitted to Jamar Nicholas' awesome blog BBWW: The Fat Wonder Woman Blog. Wish me luck! Maybe he'll post it.

*UPDATE*- Jamar posted my image to his blog! Woohoo!


The Good Life...

Hey gang, I have just hung a few paintings at The Good Life Barber Shop. You're probably asking yourself, "Why would he hang art at a barber shop?". Well, this isn't your run-of-the-mill barber shop. Not only can you get a haircut and a straight razor shave, they have a pool table and they encourage folks to hang out and relax. The owner, Debbie, is trying to bring back the old school barber shop that supports a sense of community.

If you live in Austin, stop by, get a shave and a haircut and tell Debbie I sent you.

The Good Life Barber Shop
5th & Brazos, Austin TX


Smoky Pig

Smoky Pig, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

This is a logo illustration for a company in East Texas that makes custom smokers. I was pretty happy with how it came out. I think I managed to get the clients idea across (a pig trying to escape from a smoker) without being morbid and give it a sense of fun.