Clarence Shrugg: YouJoint.com Cub Reporter

I've been working with a soon-to-be-launched automotive enthusiast forum called YouJoint. The concept behind YouJoint is that the forum members write the articles.

YouJoint decided they wanted a mascot. I recommended we go with something that had a Rat Fink feel to it. I came up with Clarence, the deranged doppleganger of Oscar Madison, cub reporter for YouJoint.com. As disturbung as this may seem, I'm very happy with how he came out. Oh, I do have one warning: Ladies, if Clarence asks for "an exclusive", stay on your toes. And don't drink anything he gives you. Just sayin'.

If you love cars and have a knack for writing, visit YouJoint, they are currently looking for writers. You might get to work with Clarence.

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