Uncle Daddy...

Uncle Daddy- Rick McNulty, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

This is a portrait of Austin Radio DJ Rick McNulty. His lovely lady Ellen commissioned me to do the painting. I had some fun with this one.

24x36, Oil on board.


Frozen River

Frozen River, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

I took this shot after work today with my iPhone. It looked like someone paved the Chicago River with flagstones of ice.



Shirt Pin-Up, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

Sorry I haven't posted much in the last week or so. I had food poisoning Thursday and Friday last week that pretty much put me out of commission for a while. Hope this made the wait for new stuff worth while.

This is an ink drawing I did today and colored in Photoshop. I don't know if this is the final color scheme. I kind of think the pink hair is fun. Enjoy!


Super Hero Post-Its...

Post-It Note: Spidey Post-It Note: Captain America

Here's a couple more pieces of Post-It Note art. You can check out the whole collection here.


More Post-It Note Art

Post-It Note: Avery Wolf, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

Hey kids! There's a new batch of Post-It Note art over at my Flickr page. You can click here to see them all.