Thought Processor Valkyrie

Valkyrie Photo 1 Valkyrie Photo 2 Valkyrie in Repose
This is my Thought Processor colorway (covered & uncovered) and accompanying art piece for "Thought Processor-The Chicago Series" art show at Oh No! Doom on October 24th.

I hope to see you at the opening!

Thought Processor
Opening: October 24th, 6PM to 10PM
Oh No! Doom
2955 W. Lyndale Ave.
Chiacgo, IL, USA
10/24/2009 thru 11/14/2009


Tusken Legend

Tusken Legend

Sorry I haven't been posting as regularly. Things have been super busy for me. Some pretty exciting stuff! I'll post about that at a later date.

This is my entry for Super Punch's Horror of Star Wars competition.

This an old Tusken Raider telling a legend by the campfire about a demon with a fiery sword (Anakin) that beheaded an entire Tusken Raider settlement when he was a child.

10"x15" Ink on illustration board

*Update- Holy Crap! I won!