Pimp Speeders Available!

Pimp Speeders Available!

I had 2 #PimpSpeeders left over from #SDCC . They are now available in my online store. If you couldn't make it to Comic-Con, this is your chance to get one at the original price!


DKE Toys SDCC Exclusive Pimpspeeder by Manly Art!

Pimp Speeder

Pimp Speeder
by Manly Art

Edition of 30


New from Manly Art! Pimp2-D2’s Pimp Speeder! This exclusive DKE Toys release features a slick purple paint job with custom orange tinted wind screen, custom seats, and 3 different hood design decals for you to choose from. Now Pimp2-D2 can float along in style with his personal chauffeur on the Pimp Speeder’s Pimp-Glide Suspension on his never-ending quest to make the galaxy fly as can be! There’s even a compartment for storing pimp canes, pimp hat, weapons and anything else a pimpin’ droid might need. R2 figure not included but it does come with exclusive chauffeur figure. If you got the C-3P-Ho figure or Pimp2-D2 then you gotta have this one. The catch is there are only 30 of them and they each use a vintage star wars landspeeder from 1977.


Deep Ellum Tee

Deep Ellum Tee

Here is my new t-shirt design for the Deep Ellum Trading Company​! It will be available during the Deep Ellum Arts Festival the weekend of April 3-5, 2015. Go pick one up!


Curse You Red Baron! (Part Deux)

Curse You Red Baron! V2

Hey Folks! I have resubmitted my Snoopy design to the Threadless Peanuts challenge. I got a lot of good feedback and modified the art. I think it's much stronger now. If you don't mind, please head over and give it a vote! I'd appreciate it!



Curse You Red Baron! up for voting

Curse You Red Baron!

Hey Folks! I have a design up for voting in the Threadless Peanuts competition! If you like it, please take a minute or two and give it a vote!


Outsmart Originals + Manly Art = Boba Fink Tee!

Outsmart Originals + Manly Art Boba Fink Tee! 

Outsmart Originals + Manly Art Boba Fink tee! Preorder now.

#outsmartoriginals #bobafink #fashionablemofo #tshirt #manlyart #hotrod #slaveone #bobafett


Outsmart Originals + Manly Art = Pimp2-D2 Tees!

Outsmart Originals + Manly Art presents the Pimp2-D2 tee! For the fashionable mofo. @outsmartoriginals #pimp2d2 #tshirt #hautecouture #pimpcouture #stylish #outsmartoriginals #manlyart

Outsmart Originals + Manly Art presents the Pimp2-D2 tee! For the fashionable mofo.