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Well, first off, I'll be hanging my latest art show tomorrow evening at Clementine Coffee Bar. The opening is on the 9th. Also, I have a table at Staple again this year. Come by and say "Hi". I'll have posters, mini art books, t-shirts and I'll be doing sketches. I hope to see all of you at both events!

p.s.- click on the images to see larger versions.


I saw a great bumper sticker today. It made me smile.

The two most abundant elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.


Pin-Up #1


Here's pin-up #1 for my upcoming art show. More to come in the next week. Enjoy!
Oil on cradled hardboard. 24"x36".


Dia de los Deadly!!!

Muertos Study

These are Mexican Day of the Dead studies I did for an upcoming painting. I kind of liked them, so i thought I'd share.


Come on in. The water's fine...


The drawing theme this week for the sketch group I go to is Childhood Fears. Here's mine.

So, when I was in 4th grade, we lived in Corpus Christi. We had a swimming pool. We had this new channel called HBO. They aired JAWS. You get the picture.


And now...


...for something completely different. I needed a change of pace. Hope you like it.


Another Pin-Up Sketch...

Pin-Up 002

Here's another preliminary drawing for a pin-up painting. Enjoy!


Pin-Up Sketch

Emily Pin-Up 001

Here's a sketch for a new pin-up painting I'm doing. I have a new show coming up in March. I'll post details soon.


Gemalto Video...

This is a video I worked on this week with the guys over at Shiny Object for one of their clients. We put this thing together in 5 days. I think we achieved the School House Rock look we were going for and it came out really nice. I hope you like it!

Concerning Mooninites...

So, I've been sitting here thinking "You've gotta be shittin' me."

I can see some jackass freaking out and thinking it's a bomb, but I'm horrified that an entire city would shut itself down and arrest two guys over an LED sign. Guess what? The terrorists just won. They've got our country completely freaked out. Oh, wait, that's just the idiots in Boston. Everyone else in the country figured out that they were just signs with a mooninite on them.

I vote we give Boston to Canada. I no longer have any use for it.


Vader's Finest...

Fat Trooper, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

Austin Sketch Squad drawing for the week. The theme was "cons".