Comic-Con Swag Part 2

1952 Pulp Book Cover, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

I purchased this original pulp oil painting from Streamline Illustrations at Comic-Con this year. It was painted in 1952 for a pulp novel. I don't know who the artist is or what book it was used on, so if you've seen this before, let me know!

Comic-Con Swag Part 1

Ren & Stimpy, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

When I was at Comic-Con this year I met Jim Smith. Jim co-created Ren & Stimpy with John Kricsfalusi. This one of the layout drawings from "Big House Blues". Footage from that episode was also used for the Ren & Stimpy intro. I got it for $20. I think it was a good deal. I even got a Spumco production folder to boot!


Comic-Con Part 4

Pikachu, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

Well, I wasn't planning to go to the convention today, but I got sucked in. I'm glad I did. I visited with some old friends and made some new friends. It was pretty freaking crowded today. I don't know if I'll come back next year. I'll have to see if anything comes of the contacts I made this year. Kevin, Max and I are hitting the road back to Austin tomorrow. It'll be nice to get home.

The photo above is for my nieces and nephews.


Comic-Con Part 3

Stan the Man DeSoto Ape
Had a great day today. The Con was busy, but not too much so. Also, I bought my first original pulp painting. I'll post a photo of it when I get back and can take a good photo of it. It was a pretty good 'star' sighting day. I saw Stan "The Man" Lee (see above), and the guy that played Scott Farkass, the bully, in A Christmas Story. I'm about to head out for some cocktails with folks I worked with on A Scanner Darkly.

Click the images to find out more info.

Austin Books & Comics Eisner Video

Woohoo! I can finally upload it. Here is the video that Kevin Peake and I did for Austin Books & Comics. We took their mascot, Austin Books Man, and made a Jonny Quest style intro to their informational video for their nomination in the Eisner Awards.

Hope you enjoy it!


Comic-Con Part 2

Geez Louise this place is packed! The convention is way more busy than it was last year. I'm having fun. Meeting people. Basking in the glow of extreme geekiness. I guess the high point so far was showing Mike Mignola (Hellboy creator) my painting of Lobster Johnson, one his more popular characters and getting this reaction...
Lobster Johnson
"Hey, that's nice... that's really nice. I wish I had done something simpler and dramatic like that for my covers" (He's putting out a Lobster Johnson series in the next few months). I know it's not much, but I was pretty psyched to get feedback like that from an artist I admire so much.

It looks like my camera may have disappeared sometime yesterday. I don't know if it's just hiding in my car (I'm searching for it again later) or if a valet made off with it while I was checking in. I'm bummed. It's a great little digital camera. I keep hoping it'll turn up.

*UPDATE*- Woohoo! Found my camera! It was shoved way up under the passenger seat in my car. I have uploaded two photos to celebrate. Click on the photos to read what the hell is going on.
Kevin & Bert Scarecrows


Comic-Con Part 1

Desert Thunderstorm, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

We're almost to San Diego. We spent the night in Yuma Arizona and are about to drive the last 3 hours to San Diego. Preview night is tonight and the convention swings in to full force tomorrow.

There were a lot of thunderstorms in the Arizona desert yesterday. Pretty cool stuff. It's been a fun trip so far. We stopped of at "The Thing?" at exit 322 on I-10 in Texas Canyon, Arizona. What is The Thing? Well, you'll have to just experience that yourself. I will say it was worth the $1 admission fee.



Fat Trooper, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

Well, my buddy Kevin, his son Max and I are hitting the road today for San Diego! It promises to be a fun road trip. It'll be nice to spend 5 days in a place where I won't be the biggest geek in the room.

I'll try and be good and take pictures and makes updates about the nuttiness that is this thing they call Comic-Con.


Wahine Runner

Wahine Runner
My first of (hopefully) many t-shirt illustrations for Brian over at Tiki Tees.



Travis, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

Scannerized portrait for my friends Steve and Ann. Travis is Ann's son.


My nautical is radical...

...apparently. My Creature from the Black Lagoon painting got accepted into Gallery Lombardi's Radical Nautical show. The Radical Nautical show is a juried exhibition here in Austin. All art had to have some sort of nautical theme. The opening is Thursday, August 2nd from 7pm-10pm. Hope to see you there!


Shiny Fortune

Shiny Fortune, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

So, I was having dinner with my buddy Steve tonight. I was telling him that my resolve was weakening and I was probably going to break down and get an iPhone. This is the fortune I got in my fortune cookie.

That's just wrong.


Manly Art iPhone Wallpapers!

iPulp03, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

Be the first kid on your block to have a genuine Manly Art wallpaper for your iPhone! Tell your friends! Click HERE to see all 6 wallpapers!