Werewolf? There. There wolf...

Woohoo! I finished the samurai werewolf. I think it came out pretty cool. I think I like the werefox better, but they should look good together. I included a close-up so you could check out some of the detail. There'll be more stuff coming this weekend.



Here's an in-progress shot of the samurai werewolf. The kanji character on his chest says (appropriately enough) "moon". I'm gonna try and finish this tomorrow. I've got so much work to do before Sunday. I hope I can get it all done.


Creature from the Black Lagoon

Another painting down! WooHoo! Hope you like it. This one's 12"x24". Oil on a GessoBoard Cradle.


The Illusionist...

So, my buddy Josh and I went out to dinner at Houstons last night and then went and saw The Illusionist. That movie is freaking fantastic! I really enjoyed it. It's simple, well made and well acted. Edward Norton is very good, but Paul Giamatti(sp?) was exceptional as the chief of police. Another thing that was subtle, but very well done, was the overall look of the movie. The colors were slightly desaturated, and the edges of the screen were slightly blurred and darkened. It really gave the feel of watching something from a completely different time.

Go see it!

Better Pics

Here are some better pics of 2 of my Halloween pieces. I should have some new stuff showing up in the next few days.


Foxy! Finished!

I finished the werefox. I'm really happy with how it came out. The lighting on the photos is horrible. I'll post better ones once I do a proper photo shoot for the show. The piece is 15"x20", Prismacolor markers on Strathmore art board. I also included a close up of some of the kimono patterns for those who might find that sort of thing interesting.



Here's an in-progress of the werefox. I'll hopefully have this done sometime tomorrow. Hope you like it!


Gettin' There...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I went to Dallas last weekend and I've had to do some paying work this week. I should be wrapping this up in the next day or two. Gotta let the paint dry a little. Hopefully I'll have some progress to show on one of the 'were-'paintings next.


Samurai Werewolf...

Here's the sketch for the companion piece to the Werefox. I don't know if they have werewolves in Japanese mythology, but I thought it might be a cool idea. Enjoy!


Creature In-progress...

Here's my Creature From the Black Lagoon painting in progress. I think it might come out pretty cool.



Yes, they actually exist in Japanese mythology. Here's the sketch for a piece I'm doing for my Halloween Show. This will be in ink and washes. I'm also going to do a complimentary piece of a werewolf. Hope you like it.


Headless Horseman...

Holy Crap! I finished it. Hope y'all like it. (I'll post a better photo later in the week. The lighting's not great.)

Approximately 24"x 39.5"


So cool...

I really wish I had a couple grand laying around. Jackson Publick has a Dunny in the Kid Robot Paint Ball. How freakin' rad is that thing? They're selling them on e-bay. If you're feeling generous, my birthday's coming up in a couple of weeks. ;)

Here's the link... http://cgi.ebay.com/JACKSON-PUBLICK-III-Custom-20-inch-DUNNY_W0QQitemZ250027083883QQihZ015QQcategoryZ348QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem


Punkin' Haid...

Well, since I'm going to have to let it dry for a couple of days, I thought I show y'all one more in-progress shot before I finish the painting. Enjoy!


Quentin Tarantino...

Quentin Tarantino is filming in Austin right now. I was just on my scooter and saw him walking down the street near the Texas Chili Parlor. The best I could come up with was "Hey Tarantino, you rule man!". He gave me a friendly, somewhat befuddled smile and said "Hey..... thanks.. man...".

I'm such a tool. I meet someone famous and my brain short circuits. Oh well.

More Halloween Goodness...

Another preliminary sketch. This one's for The Bride of Frankenstein. Enjoy!