Nick, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

This was my dog Nick. I had to have him put to sleep a few years ago. It about killed me. I still miss him. He was quite possibly the most awesome dog ever. We think he was part lab, part whippet. A rugby buddy of mine found him on the side of the highway in Alabama as a puppy and gave him to me a couple of years later when he moved to England to play rugby there. Taking that dog was one of the best things I've ever done. I miss you buddy.

Austin Sketch Squad topic of the week "Pets".


da janx said...

i really like the simplicity of this piece. wonderful drop shadow. it would be fun to see it pushed even further graphically, posterized if you will.

Bob Farrigan said...

Nick was one cool pup. I always enjoyed seeing you roller blading as Nick basically pulled you around Forsyth Park.

Jason Chalker said...

Topher- Thanks, man. I may revisit this one at some point. I agree it might be interesting to take it into Illustrator and give it that clean posterized look.

Bob- Yeah. Doing this piece really made me think a lot about him. The other thing that was awesome was I taught him to drink, neatly I might ad, out of the water fountains at Forsyth. That went over REALLY big with some people. ;) Best.Dog.Ever.


Great as always Jason!

Miranda's Art said...

This is my favorite, thanks for sharing.