Frazetta Style

Frazetta Style, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

I was at Chicago Comics this evening and picked up this really fantastic book, Frank Frazetta: Rough Work. What makes this book so great is that it's not about Frazetta's finished work, it has a lot of his comps, sketches and rough ink drawings. Looking at this stuff makes you realize what an amazing grasp he had on human anatomy. It's really an inspiring book and I would recommend it to any artist as a wonderful peek into the process of an extremely talented man.

This is my take on one of the drawings in the book. 2B pencil on 80lb Strathmore Windpower drawing paper. Roughly 30 minutes.

Click here to see a larger version.


Zig said...

Mmmmmm.....Side Boob


Awesome, your drawing is nice too! ;)

phlegmfatale said...


Keith said...

30 minutes? I was wondering you would be interested in doing something in this style of my wife. We are both Frazetta fans and she has the body of a Frazetta model.

Jason Chalker said...

@ Keith- Sure. E-mail me at jasonp[at]manlyart[dot]com, and we can discuss it further.