Comic-Con Part 4

Pikachu, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

Well, I wasn't planning to go to the convention today, but I got sucked in. I'm glad I did. I visited with some old friends and made some new friends. It was pretty freaking crowded today. I don't know if I'll come back next year. I'll have to see if anything comes of the contacts I made this year. Kevin, Max and I are hitting the road back to Austin tomorrow. It'll be nice to get home.

The photo above is for my nieces and nephews.


da janx said...

...whatever. don't be ashamed of your love for the 'Chu.

Bob Farrigan said...

Seriously I will be there next year to geek out wit u mon! The moving thing was totally unexpected but the only thing that will keep me away next year will be if Jen is in labor. No she's not pregger but we're workin' on it...wait for it....all the time! Boo-yah!