Comic-Con Part 3

Stan the Man DeSoto Ape
Had a great day today. The Con was busy, but not too much so. Also, I bought my first original pulp painting. I'll post a photo of it when I get back and can take a good photo of it. It was a pretty good 'star' sighting day. I saw Stan "The Man" Lee (see above), and the guy that played Scott Farkass, the bully, in A Christmas Story. I'm about to head out for some cocktails with folks I worked with on A Scanner Darkly.

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da janx said...


next year. i will be there.

sounds like a great time. congrats on your purchase. and WOW stan lee.

let us know how Austin Books does! (That's tonight, right?)

Jason Chalker said...

It was last night. Unfortunately he didn't win. It just ain't right.