Comic-Con Part 2

Geez Louise this place is packed! The convention is way more busy than it was last year. I'm having fun. Meeting people. Basking in the glow of extreme geekiness. I guess the high point so far was showing Mike Mignola (Hellboy creator) my painting of Lobster Johnson, one his more popular characters and getting this reaction...
Lobster Johnson
"Hey, that's nice... that's really nice. I wish I had done something simpler and dramatic like that for my covers" (He's putting out a Lobster Johnson series in the next few months). I know it's not much, but I was pretty psyched to get feedback like that from an artist I admire so much.

It looks like my camera may have disappeared sometime yesterday. I don't know if it's just hiding in my car (I'm searching for it again later) or if a valet made off with it while I was checking in. I'm bummed. It's a great little digital camera. I keep hoping it'll turn up.

*UPDATE*- Woohoo! Found my camera! It was shoved way up under the passenger seat in my car. I have uploaded two photos to celebrate. Click on the photos to read what the hell is going on.
Kevin & Bert Scarecrows

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da janx said...

you had the cojones to show that to mignola? holy cow. that's awesome. yeah. that's good feedback.

glad to hear it's packed. makes my not being there a little sweeter.

hope you find your camera.