The Day of the Businessmen

The Day of the Businessmen
The Day of the Businessmen, a photo by Manly Art on Flickr.
This is my second piece for the Adventure Time with Oh No! Doom show opening tomorrow night in Chicago. I really loved this episode ("Business Time"). The businessmen were hysterical. Especially when they charged into battle with business suits and armor. It also didn't hurt having Brian Posehn voicing the lead businessman.

16"x"12" Dr. Martins Inks on 140lb Canson Montval Watercolor paper.

There are some amazing artists participating in this show, so if you're in the Chicago area you should definitely get down to 1800 N. Milwaukee Ave Saturday evening.

If you're not in the Chicago area, you can join the Oh No! Doom preview list HERE to see all the pieces in the show.

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