TeeFury- Lo Pan Express

TeeFury- Lo Pan Express
TeeFury- Lo Pan Express, a photo by Manly Art on Flickr.
Hey gang, my Big Trouble in Little China inspired Lo Pan Express will be the t-shirt of the day at TeeFury on Thursday, August 23! This is a great opportunity to get one of my favorite designs for a great price.

Once the shirt goes live at midnight, you'll be able to purchase it here: www.teefury.com/

FYI- The Chinese characters say "Lo Pan Express". James Hong (Lo Pan) himself confirmed that I got it right. (So you don't have to worry that you're running around with a t-shirt that says Peking Duck or something. Oh, and I think they may be going with a darker red)

Thanks for all the support! The sale went really well!


Lys said...

Psst - I think you may mean AUGUST 23, not October ;-) Congrats, awesome design.

Jason Chalker said...

Haha, yeah, I've got October on the brain. Thank you!!

Josh said...

Just ordered a tee....LOVE this!!
Well done!

Jason Chalker said...

Thanks Josh!

Anonymous said...

DUDE.... I missed the T shirt!! If I had only seen the pic a few days ago.... How can I get my hands on one of the Lo Pan Expesss shirts? Surely there must be a way.... THANKS!!

Jason Chalker said...

I'm sorry you missed the TeeFury sale. You can get one from my store, but all I have are XL and XXL.

SteveG said...

Fantastic shirt, I NEVER jump on buying something like that, but the design was just nailed on every level. Had no idea it was a one day only thing, I guess you need to keep your eyes open here! It was my lucky day!

Jason Chalker said...

@Steve- Glad you like the design and didn't miss out on the TeeFury deal!