An open letter to Topps

Dear Topps,

I just picked up some Wacky Packages (which I have loved since I was a kid) for 3.99 a pop and all I get now is 3 cards and a stick of crappy gum? That’s basically a buck a card and $0.99 for a stick of gum. With the economy the way it is, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I’m sad to say I won’t be buying any more cards until you either drop the price or start putting in more cards per pack.


Jason Chalker


John said...

Yeah, it only makes sense to buy cards either: by the case so you're guaranteed a sketch card; or in huge preopened stacks.

DY said...

Three cards?! The F?!
Topps seams to have hit an all time low. Better step up that batting average.

Jason Chalker said...

You're right, but sometimes it's more fun to pick up a few when you're at the hobby shop. It makes you feel like a kid again. Of course, when I was a kid a pack of Star Wars cards only cost 25 cents. And you got 5 cards, a sticker and a stick of mouth piercing gum. :)

Jason Chalker said...

@DY- Indeed!