Lo Pan Express T-shirt

Lo Pan Express T-shirt, originally uploaded by Manly Art.
Hey Gang! I have a t-shirt up for voting at Qwertees. If you could help me out and cast a vote, I'd appreciate it! Daddy's got some bills to pay. :)

You can vote for it here.


Pfunderware said...

Big fan. "you will come out no more". I want one of these shirts.

Jason Chalker said...

"You were not put on this earth to 'get it' Mr. Burton!"

I want the shirt to get made too. :) Tell your friends, spread the word!

Mccleod said...

"WHat!? What will come out no more?. . . Damnit!!!"

Unbelievable. I've gotta get one of these. Lo Pan's fingers are awesome!