Oh my gouache! Part 2

So I had a few art "life" lessons this week.

Lesson #1- Remember that whole post I made about gouache being awesome and it changing my life? Yeah.... not so much. I've found it increasingly frustrating to work with for pin-ups. I'm sure I'll find other uses for it, but in general, I'm not digging it at this moment in time.

Lesson #2- Don't believe everything you read on packaging. I'm in the process of doing a custom Munny vinyl toy. I put on a really nice coat of metallic green paint and decided to use Scotch blue artist tape to mask off lines, etc. on the head. It says on the package... 'Removes from Most Surfaces Without Damage'. I've learned that the key word in that statement is 'Most'. Please refer to visual aid below...

munny_back.jpg + scotchtape.jpg = munny_front.jpg

Oh well, time to bust out the sand paper.




Jason Chalker said...

Yeah, well... it keeps me from getting a big head. ;)

Benjamin Hall said...

HA! In your face Chalker!

I told you gouache was the Devil's medium! :)

Hopefully in time you can tame that savage beast.

That sucks about the Dunny... that's another thing I don't think I could do. It looks really pretty though.