'Scanner' Portraits

OK, so (as I mentioned in my last post) I've decided to start taking commissions for Scanner Darkly style portraits. What qualifies this yahoo to do this, you ask? Well, I was a bonafide animator on the motion picture. I've also had enough time off from working on the movie that I'm no longer sick of working in this style.

Here are a few samples of what the end result looks like...

The top two are portraits I've done, the third is a still from a scene I animated in the movie.

I'm asking $100 per portrait. Why so much you ask? Well, aside from being a little time intensive, you get a JPEG of the finished portrait, plus a vector version (EPS, unless you specify otherwise) that you can have printed as large as you want and get it framed. These things look really awesome when printed on a good printer.

What I'll need from you is a good quality digital photo. E-mail it to me at jasonp@manlyart.com . Please make sure the file is no larger than 1 MB. Zip files are fine, so you can send a better quality photo. After we've discussed what you want, you can send a payment by PayPal and you'll have your portrait within the next week or two. It's easy.

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Lorin said...

i want one!...oh, wait a second....