Holy Cow! I'm so excited. My buddy, Brian Baker, just got his advance copies of his new book with the cover I did for him. I can't wait to get my hands on one.

It's a great book. Everyone should encourage their local booksellers and libraries to order it. You can visit Brian's site for more information about the book. Here's part of a letter Brian sent out with all the info you'll need to get bookstores and libraries to order his book...

Amazon.com will have copies for sale (not pre-sale, though. Sorry, small press), you can purchase copies directly from the publisher at Crossquarter.com (not pre-sale, though. Sorry, small press), or you can go into your local bookstore and buy one. If your local bookstore doesn’t have a copy ask them to order one. In fact, even if you have a copy ask the bookstore to order one. If you don’t pick it up, they will put it on the shelf for someone else to enjoy. The store might ask for the ISBN number, it’s 978-1-890109-82-0 (1-890109-82-7).
“Gee,” you think, “that sounds cumbersome. Anything else I can do for you?”
Thanks for asking, yes. Please ask your local library to order a copy. Also, I’ll need reviews on Amazon.com – even if you didn’t like it, a review is a review. Speaking of reviews, if you happen to have contacts with any local press or ideas of places that might like to review such a title, please let me know.


steveyclip said...

I remeber when you first mentioned this, but I can't remember what it's about. Judging the book by its cover, I'd say it's about an evil presence ovewhelming a nerd, a dyke, and a Brock Samson wanna be. All using bad English. Am I close?

Jason Chalker said...

Close. It's about the apocalypse coming to end the world and meeting resistance from a loser, a highschool girl with attitude and a none-too-bright born again waiter. That's a horrible synopsis, but it explains the cover. It's a really good book. And yes, the author knows Irregardless is improper use of the english language.