Pimp2-D2 PSA

Pimp2-D2 PSA
Pimp2-D2 PSA, a photo by Manly Art on Flickr.
A little more about Pimp2-D2 to clear the air. The truth has started getting blown out of proportion from eBay listings, etc.
So here are some fun facts about Pimp2-D2...

This was never a limited run. I made 40 for NYCC. 25 for general release, 15 for friends, colleagues, etc. I will be making more. The next release will be at Designer Con in Pasadena next month. After that, I will do an internet release.

The "early bird" packaging will remain exclusive for New York Comic-Con. The next release will have slightly different packaging.

Pimp2-D2 has NOT been formally banned by Lucasfilm or Disney. At least not yet.

There is always the possibility that I could receive a cease-and-desist from Lucasfilm, in which case there would be no more made. Until that happens though, I will keep making them at least through one internet release.

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