Girls on Film

Girls on Film by Manly Art Hot for Teacher

These are my pieces for the I Want My Music Video Art Show opening tonight at The Meltdown Gallery in Hollywood, CA. They are based on the videos for the unrated version of Duran Duran's Girls on Film and Van Halen's Hot for Teacher.

The two paintings I did for this show are the first ones I've actually painted all of the type and graphics. Normally I treat my pulp style pieces like a traditional assignment and do all the layout stuff digitally. I'm still figuring out how I feel about it.

There are some amazing artists in this show. I'm really not sure how I got mixed in with them. I have a feeling mine are going to be the crap pieces in the show. If you live in the LA area, I highly recommend going to check it out.


John said...

Don't be silly, these are great

Jason Chalker said...

Thanks John. I guess I'm just having one of those days. :)