Topa Chefa

Topa Chefa by Manly Art
Topa Chefa, a photo by Manly Art on Flickr.
Hey gang! I have a new design up for voting at Threadless. It's for their Muppets design contest. If you like it, I would appreciate any votes and a "Notify me if this is printed" (apparently those are pretty important).

You can vote here: disney.threadless.com/themuppets/submission/412/



Anonymous said...

It's amazing as usual!!! You still blow me away with the things you create.

Anonymous said...

BÔrgen SmÔrgen smÔrgen bÔrgen!!

Jason Chalker said...

@Anon#1- Thanks!

@Anon#2- Burk! A-diddy burk!