Nagelesque, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.
This is my entry for the "Threadless Loves Sharpie" competition at, well, Threadless. :)

We had to use all of the colors from Sharpie's new 80's theme color palette. My thinking was "What says the 80's more than Patrick Nagel's women, funky haircuts, over-sized jewelry and geometric shapes?". Nothing, that's what. :)

If you like it at all, please go vote for it. A "5" and a "I'd buy it!" would be awesome, and seriously appreciated. You can vote on it HERE.


*Update*- Once again, not enough "I'd Buy It" votes and my design was pulled. Not having much luck with Threadless this year. Thank you to those who voted!

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Andrew Collas said...

Hey there, just found this. Is there anyway to get this as a Cafe Press shirt, or a print or something? It is outstanding!