Lincolnstein, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.
This is my piece for the "Historical Monsters" group show at the Daventport & Winkleperry Gallery in Pittsboro, NC.

If any of you live in the area, the opening is at 5:00PM on Saturday, October 2nd.

7"x10" Acrylic on illustration board.


Alison said...

ooh, i like that painting, it is really intriguing!

Lazarus Lupin said...

what is it about lincoln that inspires weirdness? There was just an undead lincoln in "Ugly americans," and Lincoln was prominent in "The Screw on Head."

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Lazarus Lupin
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Jason Chalker said...

@Alison: Thanks!

@Lazarus: I think part of it is he's probably the most recognizable president. His face is incredibly fun to draw. There's so much going on. Also, he comes across as very stern and sober and that just asks to be monster/zombie-ified. Oh, and he looks great in 60's-70's fashion. :)