2010 SciFi Expo in Dallas

I had a great time at the Con. Met some great people, did some commissions and sold some art. It seemed like everyone there had a great time. It's a small con, but they had a pretty great guest list. I got to meet Cindy Morgan (Yori from Tron, Lacey from Caddyshack), Deep Roy (Keenser in the last Star Trek movie, All the Oompa Loompas in Tim Burtons Willy Wonka) and Roger Christian (set designer/decorator for the Star Wars movies and Alien.

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Keenser Sketch Card Dalek Sketch Card

Daniel Logan

Rampage Rosie

Roger Christian


Becca said...

OMG DEEP ROY! You are soooo the man :) Seems like you had fun!

Anyways I wanted to let you know I'm about to post the Pandora drawing on my TUMBLR if you wanted to check her out :)

Thanks again for, you know being so cool and all.

Jason Chalker said...

I DID have fun. It was a good con.

You're Pandora was Awesome!