Today's Inspiration has had a great series this week on the artists that used to do the covers for the British war comics and paperbacks. It inspired me to do this piece.

Leif Peng does a fantastic job of researching and sharing the work of amazing illustrators whose work you've most likely seen, but never knew anything about. He also collaborates with other illustration enthusiasts to bring us, in my opinion, one of the best blogs about illustration out there.

9" x 12" Ink on Smooth Bristol with digital color.
(click the image to see it larger)


da janx said...

"Today's Illustration" is a must read for me. It is one of the best out there, I agree.

This is a fantastic illo. I dig the use of color big-time... not to mention the illo just rocks.

Benjamin Hall said...

I also love that site.

This is really good dude! That smoke is great!