Rogues Gallery

Manly Art Head #1 Manly Art Head #3
Manly Art Head #4 Manly Art Head #2

Holy Cow! I'm finally posting some actual art! These are from a series of images I'll be using for self-promotion and other various and sundry uses. I should start posting a little more regularly in the very near future. I'm switching to a 3 day/ 30 hour week at Motorola so I'll have more time to work on my art. It's been on the back burner for the last 6+ months and it's driving me nuts. It will be nice to get back into it.



Those are awesome Jason (hey that rhymes)!

da janx said...

i love the use of your logo in the background.

Jason Chalker said...

Thanks guys!

Dahveed All Green said...

love the work and zee page...pe@ce