Frozen River

Frozen River, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

I took this shot after work today with my iPhone. It looked like someone paved the Chicago River with flagstones of ice.


Chris Garcia said...

First of all, beautiful photo.

Second, I just moved to Austin last month, and I'm living with my old friend Aaron Sacco, who worked with you on Scanner, I think?

I'm planning on going with him to Sketch Squad. Are you actually in Chicago these days, or will you be around if I make it Thursday? Because, yes, I like your drawings a lot...

Jason Chalker said...

1. Thank you.
2. Yes I did.

I am living in Chicago right now, so no, I will not be attending Sketch Squad regularly. I do try and make it anytime I'm in town though. I'll be in Austin for Satple! first weekend of March. Oh, and thanks. I'm glad you like my drawings.