Samurai Helmet

Samurai Helmet, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.

I drew this Friday afternoon at the Dallas Museum of Art. They have this really beautiful complete suit of 17th century samurai armor. It also had the sword, bow and quiver of arrows.

Info: Late Momoyama period- early Edo period. Early 17th Century.
Presented to Mori Kobayakawa Takakage by the emperor.


da janx said...

i love that stupid armory section. for an AWESOME one, visit the Philadelphia art museum.

DFW kicks the crap out of Austin when it comes to museums. it's why i miss it.

nice drawling.

Anonymous said...

Sweet sketch. I wonder why the crest is a flower/leaf

Kristen said...

Love this drawing! I plan on doing a samurai illustration and came upon this. Check out my other illustrations at http://kristenwaterman.blogspot.com