Halloween 2007

A little montage from Halloween festivities in Chicago. That's me as Lego Luke Skywalker (glowing with the power of the Lego Force), Melita 'Miss Monster' Curphy in the insane werewolf costume and our friend Kate as a rocker girl. I have no idea who the guy is in the evil dead biker outfit, but it was awesome and I had to include it.


da janx said...

Lego Luke is the bomb.

Jason Chalker said...

Thanks! A surprisingly large number of people got it. I was very pleased.


Where's the Lego© X-Wing?

Jason Chalker said...

In the shop. I'm waiting on spare blocks from Denmark.

Bob Farrigan said...

Lego Luke is a pretty sweet costume.
We had a kid dressed as Jar Jar Binks come to the door last night. I almost didn't hook him up for wearing the lamest SW character ever but then I dropped a "almond joy" in his bag. Seriously, they have to put "almond joy" in those grab bags just to get rid of the things, who buys one of those on purpose? Maybe they put them in the grab bags just for the kids who dress as Jar Jar or some other lame-o getup.
BTW, your friends werewolf costume kicked major booty!