Well, it looks like I'll be moving to the windy city at the end of the week. Over the past week strange things have been afoot in my life and lo-and-behold I was offered a nice new job at Motorola. (Thanks Melly!) They need someone pronto, so I'm hitting the road.

I've had a blast in Austin and I'm sad to leave behind all my friends, but I think this is a step in the right direction. If you're ever in Chicago, drop me a line!


alicia said...

Pooh! It's true, you're moving to Chicago. : ( I had heard rumors, and now I know it's true.

Well, congrats on your shiny new job, and on a new adventurous chapter of life. I've never been to Chicago but I'm certain it is a fantastic place. Make sure you visit when in Texas!

Benjamin Hall said...


Aw Man!!!

That is super sucky/cool.

Good Luck in Chi-town!!!


Anne said...

It's too bad that you're leaving, I was looking forward to meeting you. I'm a friend of Ann's, I think she was trying to introduce us. Anyway, I was looking at your blog last week and I really love the work that you do. Also, I too had been seeing these strange spiders everywhere and had to look them up on the internet, I thought their name was so cool. I'd never seen them here before and I kept showing them to everyone and no one seemed very interested until I saw them on your blog.
So, again I'm sorry I won't get to meet you but I hope you have a great time in Chicago, it's a fantastic city.


Good luck Jason! I actually know several people in Chicago now, so I think a trip is in order!

Anonymous said...

dude! wow-- bummer & cool at the same time.
love that city-- i know you will too. best of luck to you.

andrew b.