Tiki Honeymoon

Tiki Honeymoon
Tiki Honeymoon
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Don't you hate it when you're on your honeymoon in a tropical paradise and BAM!...the next thing you know, you're having to try and figure out a way to save your blushing bride from being sacrificed at the hands of blood-thirsty natives? To add insult to injury, all you have to work with is a pocket knife, some spare change and your hotel card key. It was the best honeymoon ex-Navy Seal Chip Carson could have asked for. It was a TIKI HONEYMOON!

I finally finished my painting for DVA Gallery's Tiki Art Show! The opening party is June 23 at DVA Gallery in Chicago. Maybe I'll see you there!


Bob Farrigan said...

This totally happened to me on my honeymoon except we were in Mexico and Jen was being menaced by a honey bee near the pool which I had to shoo away.

da janx said...

bravo! great stuff!

mike r baker said...

Man, this is insanely awesome! Mad skillz, buddy! Fantastic perspective and lighting!

(Ha-ha! I spelled "skills" with a Z! I r so kool!)

Jason Chalker said...

Bob- I'm glad you survived your harrowing ordeal. you must have been terrified.

Topher- Thanks brotha'.

Mike- Thanks man, you're quite the bitchin' artist yourself.

Benjamin Hall said...


REALLY Cool piece!

Tania Quintanilla said...

A-MAZE-ING!!!!!! i wish i could go to your show. ill do my part to get my chicago peeps to see it. fabulouso!!!!!

Jason Chalker said...

Ben- Thanks Ben!

Tania- Thanks! I appreciate you putting out the good word to your friends. It was great seeing you Dr. Sketchy last weekend.


That's awesome Jason!