Tiki Adventure!

Tiki Adventure

- I got some feedback from Kennon and made some adjustments to the knife wielding native. Thanks Kennon, I think it definitely made it a stronger piece.

This is drawing for the painting I'll be entering in
DVA Gallery's Anniversary Tiki Show. I think this will be a fun one.



Wow jason, what vitamins are you taking lately?!?
I need some!

Joe Riley said...

"no time for love, dr. jones!"

da janx said...

dude. the composition on this is stellar. i hope it translates in the painting, cause this awesome.

Jason Chalker said...

Thanks guys!

Mike- Tiki-a-Day with Wahini.

Joe- Shut up and hand me a machete ShortRound!

Topher- Thanks. It should translate.

Dick Masterson said...

Very manly indeed.