The Illusionist...

So, my buddy Josh and I went out to dinner at Houstons last night and then went and saw The Illusionist. That movie is freaking fantastic! I really enjoyed it. It's simple, well made and well acted. Edward Norton is very good, but Paul Giamatti(sp?) was exceptional as the chief of police. Another thing that was subtle, but very well done, was the overall look of the movie. The colors were slightly desaturated, and the edges of the screen were slightly blurred and darkened. It really gave the feel of watching something from a completely different time.

Go see it!



The paintings look great! Have you started the Iron Man art yet?

We saw that flick over the weekend too, it really is a great movie. Not your typical Hollywood crap at all! I was fooled until the very end!

Jason Chalker said...

Thanks! No, I haven't started the Iron Man stuff yet. I'll probably do it in the next week or two. I gotta hang my halloween show on Sunday, so I'm in crank-out-the-art mode.