CAPE: The Aftermath

Well, I just got back from CAPE a couple of hours ago. I had a really fun time. It was great hanging out with friends both old and new. The after party was really cool. They had a live art jam. All the artists were invited to get up and do large drawings for the audience while a DJ was spinning. There are some seriously talented artists out there! Once I get settled back in, I'll post some links to some of them.

I did a few sketches, but I only remembered to take a photo of one of them. D'oh! This guy had a great theme for his sketch book... MAD SCIENTISTS... here's my mad robot scientist... although I'm not sure what's mad about him... except maybe he's a robot wearing black rubber gloves and a smock...?

p.s.- Thanks to the Strathmore rep who gave me the free sketchbook. You sir, are a rock star!


Stefan said...

It was great having you out there. Glad you could make it up. The Live Art Show was crazy fun!

Benjamin Hall said...

Man that robot scientist rocks!

That live art show sounded fun, I'm sad I missed it.