Bond, James Bond...


I decided to give myself a bit of a design excercise this week. I've started making my own retro versions of posters for the original Sean Connery Bond movies. It's been a lot of fun. The style is much looser than how I normally work. I think they came out OK. Comments are welcome.

The poster for Dr. No plays off of Dr. No's mechanical hand and the opening credits for the movie. The opening credits are really nice with that classic 60's feel.

For Goldfinger, I decided to feature the Nazi gold bar that 007 uses to get his foot in the door with Goldfinger and the iconic gold painted girl. I guess there's a message in there somewhere about excessive greed being deadly or something. :)

Hope you like it!


Katie said...

If you ever feel like printing either of those, I'd gladly buy them. Awesome. Well done.

Jason Chalker said...

@Katie- Thank you! I have plans to do From Russia With Love and Thunderball. Once I've done those, I'll probably offer them as prints.

David said...

Great posters Jason. Before you print them you should correct the spelling of Ian Fleming - there is only one m.

Jason Chalker said...

@David- Thanks! Yes, the proper spelling of Ian Flemings name has been brought to my attention. :) It will be corrected when I do prints.

007 MAGAZINE said...

Might be a good idea to spell Ian Fleming's name correctly!

Graham Rye
Editor & Publisher

Jordan said...

Just discovered your Bond posters. Hope you print them so I can get a Dr No. Brilliant!