Space Age Thrills!

Space Age Thrills!, originally uploaded by manlyartjpc.
A new print I worked up today for Staple!. I really like this one. I love creating the pulp style paintings, but I think I enjoy doing the magazine cover layouts almost as much. It kind of completes the painting for me.

This is also available at The Manly Shop.


James said...

it looked fantastic in person!!
great seeing you this weekend, and hope to see you at more local shows!!

Jason Chalker said...

Thanks James! You can count on it.

James said...

I mentioned your name to Mark Walters, he's one of the guys putting the Dallas shows on. Good guy.
He's on Facebook, so, if you're on there, look him up. It will be good to see you there.
(and if you're on Facebook, you should start a fan page. I'd join :)

Jason Chalker said...

Thanks. I actually met Mark a few years ago. I just didn't put the name with the face until now. I'll think about the fan page thing. :)

James said...

Please do. That makes it easier for people to keep up with your exploits (and you avoid the stress of random friend requests. people can become fans of yours)

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